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"Where the fuck r u? I need ur stories!"

kasjd;ajks sorry! I’ve just been sidetracked and I don’t really have any inspiration for anything I’ve started on this blog which sucks butt

"Could you please check out my blog? It would mean a lot! :) xx"

I love it!! But I can’t follow since this is a side blog, so anybody who read FOW, FOLLOW THEM! XX

"FOW was amazing from start to finish I'm sad to see it's over but the ending was great the whole fanfic overall was great I loved reading it and I always looked foward to the next chapter you're a great writer :) Xx"

Thank you so much this means so much to me! Knowing that people actually like my writing is one of the most amazing feelings! You’ve been there since like the beginning so thank you so much <3 I hope everybody that actually read it feels the same way you do!

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"That was a lovely ending. Lovely. It's bittersweet that it's over, but lovely none the less. You're a fantastic writer!"

Thank you so much! I may write a one shot but it won’t be for awhile, I’m glad that I finally got the inspiration to finish it. You’re too kind I love you, thank you! <3

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"Do you have a FOW master post? I'm on my mobile and I'm really interested in reading it :) thank you xx"

Right here: http://aworldof-magic.tumblr.com/findingourway

Hope you like it! xx

Finding Our Way [Final Chapter]


They say that if you love something set it free, if it returns it’s yours, if it doesn’t, it was never yours to begin with. Out of London’s entire population, two girls find each other, loose each other and once again are thrown back into each others lives many years later. This time it’s not the same, more feelings are involved, more people could get hurt. But these two can’t keep their eyes off each other.

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"Aw :( That's okay, take your time."


bloodyjesy asked:
"Updating is a lovely thing, You should try it soon :)"

Sorry hun, I’ve just been really uninspired 


Eleanor tweets Harry to wish him a happy 19th birthday.

This is so cute 

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"Do you hear that? It's angels telling you to update"

Sneak peek?

There were many moments in Eleanor’s life she could look back on and say she was fond of. The night she and Danielle first kissed, meeting Louis for the first time, sex for the first time -let’s be honest here-, when Deleanor trended and when she helped Richard off the street. But right then, laying in bed with Danielle beside her, the air thick with emotions that neither one could place and only two inches between them.